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Santa Fiora, Grosseto 2005 / 2009


In the gardens of the Clarisse, the work focused on rebuilding the existing retaining walls that defined the cultivated areas, reopening the gardens and adding new paved areas and playgrounds. Two small arenas were created for the many orchestras that participate each summer in the Santa Fiora Classical Music Festival. Hundreds of musicians gather here to play and study. This area now includes bathroom facilities and a small food bar. On the Sant’ Antonio side, a series of concrete platforms which work as pavements, façades and roofs can become the backdrop for other possible uses of this area. They usher the visitor from the gardens to the square, creating a narration connecting what is natural and what is man made, between what stands close and what stands far, between the graspable scale of the constructed environment and the openness of the landscape.


 architectural restoration and new public spaces